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O Alligal pond, a source of medicinal waters, can be found surrounded by nature, among birch woods. The first swimming pool dates back to 1930 and was built of stone on a much smaller scale than the current one. These days it is a circular concrete pool, measuring 30 metres in diameter. The sand bed has several holes where the spring flows from, which can be spotted by the bubbles rising to the surface.

These are bicarbonated-calcic waters and slightly mineralised. The flow is approximately 1,200 litres per minute, and the temperature reaches 23º C. Because of these features the waters of O Alligal are considered to be medicinal, and for this reason it is a popular destination for people with rheumatic problems (osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendonitis,) and for skin complaints (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema.)

Although people come here mainly on the weekends, there is a massive influx of visitors in the summer, making this the most popular mineral-medicinal spring without baths in Galicia.


There has been an ultra modern hotel-spa in the immediate surroundings since July 2006, with more than 2100 m2 dedicated to the water culture,. There are plans for future conversion into baths using the mineral-medicinal waters of the O Alligal.

How to get there

The pond can be found in the parish of Codesido, adjacent to Santaballa. Exiting Vilalba via the lu-861 towards Ferrol, and leaving the river Madalena and the river beach behind, it can be found to the left of the stone cross at Codesido. The pond is a kilometre and a half away from the cross.

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