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According to legend, the counts of Andrade received the neighbours of the town with a “roscón” (a ring-shaped bun) as a payment or tribute. Whether this is true or not is by- the- by, but in reality it is a typical dessert. This brings us to the history of the Vilalba roscón.

Its dough is made of almonds, eggs and sugar. It is characteristically dry and can be preserved for a long time. The peak consumer time is during the patron saint festive days of San Ramón and Santa María at the end of August and beginning of September, when it is faithfully placed as a dessert on all the tables in the vecinity.

Even though it already exists as a commercialised product, you can make this sweet dessert yourselves. To do this you need a kilo of ground almonds, 800 grammes of sugar, 4 whole eggs, grated lemon rind and a small glass of aniseed licor (without going over the top).

Once you have gathered the ingredients, you can start the preparation. For this you need to start by mixing the ground almonds with the sugar until you have a consistent dough. Then mix in the eggs, one by one, and afterwards add the grated lemon rind and the aniseed licor. Lastly, place them in the oven at 180º for between 45 and 50 minutes.

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